Elolam Nigeria Limited

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The Elolam Group was established in 1999 in Shandong China, an electric power technology company which primarily specialized in the manufacturing of electromagnetic wire, corrugated tanks and radiators.

Since it’s inception, the Elolam Group has become one of the leading enterprises of Power Transmission and Distribution equipment in China. Currently the Group has a total registered capital of over $34million USD and own more than 330,000 meter square of industrial property.

The Elolam Group expand their business operations into the developing African market and 2014 the company finalised it’s investment plans to open a new division in Johannesburg, South Africa. The new division, Elolam Manufaturing, was officially opened in June 2016 and boasts a brand new 3000 meter square manufacturing and assembly plant. The new division has been formed arounddx the successful structures that make Elolam a formidable force in the Chinese and global markets.

In 2016, Elolam Manufactring became the first transformer manufacturer in South Africa to receive the SABS mark on Amorphous-type Transformers. Together with our international branches, Elolam Manufacturing provides turnkey solutions to all our customers in the electrical industry.

The Elolam Group also expands their business in Nigeria and West Africa in 2018. The new division, Elolam Nigeria Limited was officially opened early 2018 and her operations involves Transformer assembly and supplies in Nigeria and other part of West Africa.

Elolam Nigeria limited Supplies and distributes the following products below:

Amorphous Transformers

Elolam Nigeria Limited supplies Amorphous type Transformers ranging from 50KVA – 2.5MVA up to 22KV. In a transformer the no load loss is dominated by the core loss. With an amorphous core, the iron losses can be 70-80% lower than with traditional silicon core and thus the operating temperature and efficiency is lower.

Standard Oil Transformers

Elolam Nigeria Limited supplies and distributes conventional silicon-steel transformers for various applications and ranges from 25KVA-100MVA up to 132KV.

units offered include, but is not limited to, pole-mount, distribution, power, furnace, reactor, auxiliary, and NEC NER units. All our transformers are manufactured and tested in accordance with SANS and IEC standards.


Elolam Manufacturing supplies a large range of High Voltage AC Disconnectors from 12KV to 132KV in accordance with IEC 62271-102.

Cable and Wire

Elolam Manufacturing supplies a large range of cable and wire. the range cover: Over Head Lines (OHL) up to 750kV, Cross-linked cables of voltages from 10kV to 500kV, polyvinyl Chloride Insulated cable of 1KV  and below, cable for electrical equipment and special purpose with more than 400 categories and over 20000 types.

Prepaid Meters

Elolam Nigeria Limited has both the single phase and three phase prepaid meters with different types and configurations.