Engr. Kingsley Ngwogu

Engr. Kingsley Ngwogu
General Manager, Engineering

Kingsley Ngwogu is the General Manager, Engineering and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Ottawa, Canada. He has over 27 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry working as Project Director, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Senior Project Engineer, Project Advisor, Facilities Engineer, Facilities Engineering Manager, Production Engineer and Reservoir Engineer.

His Project Management experiences include completion of several jobs     from concept to start-up having direct responsibility for budgets from $10 MMUSD to $260 MMUSD- completed on time and within budget.  Directly managed multi-national teams of up to 150 people both at home and abroad. Vast experience in Reservoir Engineering Techniques; Well Engineering with emphasis on Construction, Operations & Maintenance; Investment Analysis & Field Strategic Planning in upstream  oil and gas facilities. Other experiences in improving oil recovery through peripheral Water flood Management; experience in Integrated Water flood Management and in Optimal Water flood Management using rate control.

He also has experience in Design engineering, Operations and Material Support. Project Engineering experience includes: Fixed Production Platforms, Floating Production Vessels (FPSO) and Gas Gathering and Compression (GGC); pipelines, ethanol and coal-to-liquid/gas; refinery, chemical and process plants. Other experiences include wellhead support/equipment, oil/gas separation, dehydration and compression, pumps, alkylation, hydro-treatment, relief system design, flare design, vapor recovery design, heat exchangers, cooling system and other related mechanical designs for production operation and support.

Kingsley is a professional member of Ontario Society of Chemical Engineers, American Society Petroleum Engineers, Project Management Professional and Registered Professional Engineer in Texas, USA.