HES Policy



• NBEL believes that accidents/injuries are preventable and therefore unacceptable in her operations. NBEL shall therefore integrate effective and efficient safety management system into her business and will vigorously pursue all incident prevention programmes through her well-structured HSE programme.
• Maintain zero impact on the environment while striving to protect cultural landmarks of the neighboring
• Protect and promote the health and safety of its work-force and third parties.
• Ensure the personal security of the work force and third parties and the security of property.
• Maintain internationally acceptable HSE standards.

Our top priority is to provide an environment that safeguards employees, contractors, stakeholders, the public and the communities in which we work. We take all necessary steps to minimize risks, while meeting or exceeding regulatory laws and standards. This includes:

  • providing ongoing employee training
  • developing and continually updating emergency response programs
  • choosing contractors and suppliers with excellent safety and environmental track records
  • ongoing monitoring of operational procedures to assess processes and programs and ensure compliance with current standards
  • adhering to established reporting and investigative policies regarding injuries, accidents, and environmental issues
  • providing wellness programs and benefits to employees.